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Kevin Glackin. (Fiddle)

Ronan Browne. (Uilleann Pipes, flutes & Whistles)

Sean Tyrrell. (Vocals & Mandocello)


Fergus Feely. (Mandola)

Paul O'Driscoll. (Double Bass)

Jimmy Fitzgerald. (Guitar)


Dan O'Hara:

The Errigal Reel:

An Phis Fhliuch:

Track Listing

  1. The Hunt/Dunphy's Hornpipe
  2. The Skie's O'er Ballyroan. (song)
  3. Micho Russell's Jigs
  4. Dan O'Hara. (song)
  5. The Old Grey Goose.
  6. The Cat That Kittled in Jamie's Wig/The Errigal Reel/The Black Mare of Fannad.
  7. The Quaker's Meeting. (song)
  8. Paddy's Ramble Through the Park. (air)
  9. Cronin's Jigs
  10. The Man from Galway/The Rambling Pitchfork. (song & jig)
  11. An Gasúr Mór/The Glen Road to Carrick. (hp & reels)
  12. An Phis Fhliuch. (slip jig)
  13. The Cap & Bells/The Frost is all Over. (song & jig)
  14. The Old BUsh/My Love isin America/Trim the Velvet.
  15. Mickey Free/ The Mountain Road. (song & reel)

and so the story goes...

Inspirational Traditional Trio Tour Ireland

A new album and a national tour, scheduled for this May & June, 2011, will harvest the talents of three of the most highly respected musicians within the Irish traditional/folk scene.

Sean Tyrrell, renowned for his unique singer/ songwriter talents, legendary fiddle player Kevin Glackin and creative uilleann piper Ronan Browne will fuse their talents on stage, for what promises to be an inspiring tour. Gigs have been scheduled across Ireland, from Dublin to Clifden and from Monaghan to An Daingean.

Sean, Kevin and Ronan have been playing together socially and for tours and shows since the 1980s but are only now (after major hounding by their fans) releasing a CD of songs and tunes. The CD is nicely balanced between gentle and wild music, without suffering from

that dreadful modern ailment of over-production; just warm, friendly music and singing. The tracks are rounded out beautifully by the delicately responsive accompaniment of three fine musicians.

Commenting on the forthcoming tour, Sean Tyrrell said, "Although the three of us are old hands in the business, we are very much looking forward to this tour. We respect one another's talents and know that, as always, we will each benefit from this collaboration. We are also confident that our audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy an honest performance."

Full tour details available at www.tyrrellglackinbrowne. com

Press Reviews

R2 Magazine

Irish musicians Sean Tyrrell, Kevin Glackin and Ronan Browne, each well respected in their own right, are also longstanding friends who've played together socially since the 1980s. And So The Story Goes is a collection of their favourite songs and traditional tunes

Glackin and Browne are at their best on Micho Russell's Jigs', which are actually from Sliabh Luachra rather than from the playing of the late Micho'. Their logic for the naming of this set perhaps sumes up the sentiment of the CD. "No idea what happened, but why change our ways at this late stage!" However the story goes, the fiddle and pipes meld into one in a way that is only achieved through years of playing together.

Tyrrell's songs are unusual yet charming. Dan O'Hara was made famous by Ronan Browne's grandmother, Delia Murphy, tells of th eimpact of the 1846-47 famine on the life of a Connemara farmer.

The recording makes you feel you've been invited to sit in on a live kitchen session, rather than it being a studio piece. As the lads put it. And So The Story Goes, warm, friendly music and song".

Keith Whiddon

The Irish World 7.7.11

And So The Story Goes is the new album by Sean Tyrrell, Kevin Glackin and Ronan Browne, harvesting the talents of these three greats of the traditional music scene. As you can imagine, the result is pretty good.

Relaxed and honest, each track on this long-awaited album exudes a natural ease which can only be earned between musicians who go back a long way and have seen out more than a few lively sessions together.

Tyrrell, renowned as a singer-songwriter, legendary fiddler Kevin Glackin and unique uilleann piper Ronan Browne fuse their skills both on this album and on stage, as the three have just finished a set of acclaimed dates across Ireland.

As old friends, Sean, Kevin and Ronan have been hooking up to play a few tunes together as well as shows and concerts since the 1980s, but only now (after a serious amount of pressure from fans!) have they released a CD together.

And So The Story Goes balances both the gentle and the wild elements of their musk, warm, friendly and not at all overproduced; letting the talents of each of these three brilliant musicians reign supreme.

Unusual song choices and a deep-rooted vivacity underpinning each offering make for a truly excellent listen.

Sean Tyrrell said of the trio getting back on the road together - also very fitting with regards to the album: "Although the three of us are old hands in the business, we are very much looking forward to this tour.

"We respect one another's talents and know that, as always, we will each benefit from this collaboration. "We are also confident that our audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy an honest performance."

For more on the band and live dates, see

The Irish Post 19.6.11

Although great friends this is the first time Sean Tyrrell, Kevin Glacken and Ronan Browne have actually recorded an album of their own.

They have, however, been performing together in various combinations on and off for about 30 years. I have always liked Sean Tyrrell's voice and choice of material and the Galway man's vocals and mandocello combined with the fiddle and pipes of Dublin men Glackin and Browne works perfectly.

When you add in touches by guests Fergus Feely on mandola, Jimmy Fitzgerald on guitar and Paul O'Driscoll on double bass the overall sound is one of taste and style where nothing is overdone or intrusive. They combine brilliantly to get the best out of each other and you get the impression that they are playing to their individual and collective strengths.

It is a lovely album and I was delighted to see that Sean included Dan O'Hara on the CD. This sad song of forced emigration in the aftermath of the famine has always been a favourite of mine and he does a lovely job on it. Putting WB Yeats' poem Cap and Bells to music was a brilliant idea with a jig added in for good measure. Joe Giltrap.

Price: £13.99

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