Copperplate Time 225
presented by Alan O’Leary



I. Van Morrison & The Chieftains:    High Spirits.     The Philosopher’s Stone
2. Polka 4:     Neili’s Polka.         Download
3. Ushers Island:     
Sean Keane’s.      Ushers Island
4. Sean Keane:       
The Man from Connemara.    Burren Backroom Series
      James Carty:    Jamsie Gannon’s Waltz/Michael Dwyer’s       Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners
5. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry:     Gorman’s/Tommy Potts/Alice’s Reel/ Finbarr Dwyer’s.
A Waltz for Joy
6. Danu:     The Willow Tree.     Buan
Mary McNamara & PJoe Hayes:
McGreevy’s/Miss McGuinness/Sweetheart Reel.
Trad Music from East Ckare
7. Bobby Casey:     Poll Ha’penny/Scully Casey’s.      The Spirit of West Clare
8. Joe Heaney:      The Widow from Mayo.                     Joe & Gabe
           Liam O’Flynn:    Bean Dubh an Gleanna.            The Piper’s Call
9. Des Donnelly:          Colonel Fraser.                Remember Des Donnelly
10. Gerry O’Connor  The Bag of Spuds/The Copperplate.            No Place Like Home
11. Christy Moore:          Beeswing.       Burning Times
12. Fairport Convention:     Slip Jig & Reels.     The Jewel In The Crown
13. Open The Door 43:        Charming Mary.       The Joyful Hour
15. David Bromberg:          Dallas Rag/Maple Leaf Rag.              How Late’l Ya Play Till?
               Tim Buckley:          Morning Glory.                                     Live In London
16. The Gloaming:               The Sailor’s Bonnet.                             Live at the NCH
17. Van Morrison & The Chieftains:     High Spirits.                     The Philosopher’s Stone




Copperplate Time 224
presented by Alan O’Leary



I. Van Morrison & The Chieftains:
   High Spirits.                          The Philosopher’s Stone
2. 4 Men & A Dog:                              Lucy Campbell’s.                  Wallop The Spot
3. Moving Cloud:                              
Chinese Polka Set                 Moving Cloud
4. Open The Door43:                        
Creeping Jane.                     The Joyful Hours
           Andy Irvine:                            The Plains of KIldare.           Irvine & Brady
5. Tommy Guihen:     High Hills of Largy/The Mossy Banks.       The Torn Jacket
6. Dermot Byrne:                                Kate Smith’s/The Victoria HP.     Dermot Byrne
7. The Friel Sisters:
Humours of Ballyloughlin/The Rakes of Clonmel/Kilkenny Jig. The Friel Sisters
7. Padraigin Ni Ullachain:      Peigin Leitr Moir.        A Stor A Stoirin
8. Patsy Hanley: Ah Surely/Martin Wynne’s.                 2ndJimmy McHugh Concert
9. Frankie Gavin:                  Man of the House/The Providence.                 Fierce Traditional
10. Matt Molloy & John Carty: Francie Campbell’s/Out of the Ashes.         Out of The Ashes
11. Con O’Driscoil:                               The Irish Piper.                                The Spoons Murder
12. Mick O’Brien & Caomhin O’Raghallaigh:   An Builteoir/Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land.   Deadly Buzz
13. Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O’Meachair:          Prelude.                                 One For The Foxes
14. Tommy Peoples:  Boy in The Gap/Morning Thrush/Maids of Castlebar.  Recorded @ Fiddler’s Hearth
15. Moving Cloud:     Colonel McBain/Grogan’s Fav/Sailor on the Rock.      Moving Cloud
16. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh:          Where Foxglove.                      Foxglove & Fuschia
17. David Bromberg:          Catskill Serenade.                                 How Lat’l Ya Play Till
                   Brock Maguire Band:  Chase Me Charlie Set.              Green Grass, Blue Grass
18. Van Morrison & The Chieftains:     High Spirits.                       The Philosopher’s Stone

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Copperplate Podcast 220
presented by Alan O’Leary
February  2018

. Paddy Glackin:   Top It Off.    Glackin
2. Gatehouse:
Jimmy Giblin’s/The Gneegullia Reel/The Casagh Reel. Tus Nua
3. Dermot Byrne:       Mulhaire’s/ Yellow Tinker/Daly’s Reel .  Dermot Byrne
4.  Brid Harper: Jig For Johnny/Finn from Fairymount. Brid Harper
5. Open The Door 43/Pat Broaders: Carrig Water. The Joyful Hour
6. Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello:  Richie Dwyer’s/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter.  Grace Bay
7. Tommy Guihen:    The Killeigh/A Builder of Bridges. The Torn Jacket    
8. Rita Gallagher:                   On The Banks of A River.         The Heathery Hills
             Dermot Byrne: Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park.      Dermot Byrne
9. Brian Hughes:
The Roscommon Reel/Ah Surely.   20 Years From Now
10. Dan Bruder & Angelina Carberry:
The Kerry Reel/McFadden’s Own/ The Convent Reel.A Waltz for Joy
11. Colum Sands: The Piper In The North Country.    Turn The Corner 
12. Cillian Vallely:      The Bull’s March.        The Raven’s Rock
13. Kevin Crawford:   Repeal Of The Union/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut In The Bog. Carrying The Tune
14. We Banjo 3:   The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek.    Live in Galway
15. Paddy Glackin:
Top It Off/The Sunny Banks.        Glackin