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Le Chéile are

  • Andy Martyn (accordion)
  • Danny Meehan (fiddle)
  • Paul Gallagher (flute)
  • Liam Farrell (banjo)
  • John Roe (keyboards/piano)
  • Kevin Boyle (guitar, banjo)

Guest musicians

  • Gerry Diver (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, percussion, & bass)
  • Steve Dent (bodhran).


Seanamhach Tube Station:

The Dublin Porter:

The Maids of Castlebar:

Susan, The Pride of Kildare:

Track Listing

  1. Seanamhach Tube Station / Jui's Munster Buttermilk
  2. Paddy The Cooper / The Dublin Porter
  3. Molly Brannigan
  4. Maud Millar
  5. Queen of the Fair / The Kiltomer Jig
  6. The Old Arboe
  7. The Brook Reel / The Offaly Reel / Castle Kelly / The Maids of Castlebar
  8. The Donegal Hornpipe / The Peacock's Feather / Maggie Pickie's
  9. The Devil's Dancefloor
  10. McKeigue's Reel / Patsy Touhy's / Miss McDonald
  11. March An Gortin
  12. Killyburn Brae
  13. St Danny's G rove / Sally Gardens / The Carmel Suicra Jigs
  14. Susan, The Pride of Kildare
  15. Imelda Roland's / The Coalminer
  16. The Bird in the Bush / Christmas Eve
  17. Francie Dearge Byrne's Jig.

Le Chéile was formed from musicians who played regularly in The White Hart, Fulham Broadway in the early 1970's. The 1960s and '70s were golden years for traditional Irish music in London when musicians played before packed audiences and sparked the revival which went on to spread back home and around the globe. Le Chéile were the cult trad Irish group of 1970s London, producing some of the most memorable recordings of the time. The 1970s album Lord Mayo, was reissued on CD in 2006. To coincide with that release the surviving original band members — master fiddler Danny Meehan, Liam Farrell (banjo), John Roe (piano) and Kevin Boyle (guitar) — reformed alongside new recruits, flautist Paul Gallagher and Andy Martyn (box).

So now they're back, adding powerful momentum to the revivalist movement within Irish music today with their exciting new big band mix of back to basics traditional Irish music from Donegal and Galway.

In March 2008 the boys began recording their long awaited third album which has now arrived.

This is the first new 'Le Cheile' album since 1977. A CD re-release in 2007 by Limerick University of a compilation of albums made in 1974 and 1977 reignited the band and with new members, Andy Martyn and Paul Gallagher, we returned to the studio in 2008 to put together recently developed selections of music. Though once entirely instrumental, we now incorporate songs into our repertoire.

We would like to thank our producer and engineer Gerry Diver for his great skill and remarkable patience during the recording of this album. Also, thanks to all of those who have supported and given endless encouragement to Le Cheile and the 'Scene' over the years. Particular thanks to the Cartys (Maureen, James & John), Annette Roland, Alan O'Leary, Austin Dawe, Bill Walsh, Lisa Knapp, Steve Dent, Karen Ryan and Noel & Mary at the 'Kilkenny' South Wimbledon. A particular thank you to Brendan Mulkere who is largely responsible for getting the band back together after all these years and to Niall and Sean Keegan of Limerick University for their work in releasing our 2006 CD 'Lord Mayo'.

Also to our families and friends whose inspiration and encouragement helped us capture our music in this album.

Also available from Copperplate

Danny Meehan: The Navvy on the Shore

Kevin Boyle: Palestine Grove

Gerry Diver: Diversions

Press Reviews

Chicago Irish News

This group is a London-based quintet sent to us by Alan O'Leary at Copperplate Distribution and Promotions. Copperplate is the best and only handles the best. Le Cheile is wonderful. These guys make you feel that they are right there with you in an incredible session. They have a ball, and just play it ahead. Lay it out, and "Bob's 'yer uncle". This is the stuff we all love. The vocals are not to be believed. Every now and then we hear an album and smile through the whole thing. This is one of those. Terrific, wonderful music. Bill Margeson

Price: £13.99

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