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Saoirse Mhór (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, songwriting)

Tommy Gorny (guitar, bass, slide guitar, backing vocals)

Marcus Eichenlaub (fiddle)

Frank Dürschner (banjo, mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals)

Frank Weber (uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhrán)

Andy Horn (percussion)

Since the release of their second studio album "The Cleggan Bay Disaster" Fleadh have placed themselves among the best Irish Folk Bands in Germany and have gained recognition in the music press around Europe.

They also hold the first place titles for Best World Music/Trad Album, Best Folk Album and Best Folk Song 2013 at the German Pop & Rock Awards. Their very own brand of crossover folk teamed with songs of Irish singer songwriter Saoirse Mhór make for a fantastic evenings entertainment.

The band have appeared on Irish, English and Australian radio and have had appearances on German regional TV. Look around the site for exciting reviews, music samples, videos and keep up to date with the band.

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Also available from Copperplate: Fleadh, The Cleggan Bay Disaster



Killarney Boys of Pleasure

The Tree of Oak

The 12 Pins

Track Listing

  1. Courthouse/The Laurel Tree
  2. Sleeping and Working
  3. The New Broom/The Peacock's Feather
  4. You Don't Have the Right
  5. The Monaghan Twig/The 12 Pins
  6. Table of Losers
  7. Taka Tuka Set 8.
  8. Bridge of Trouble 9.
  9. Salt of the Earth
  10.  Pressed for Time
  11. High On A Mountain
  12. The Killarney Boys of Pleasure/Hunt the Squirrel/Drag Her Around the Road.
  13. Tree of Oak
  14. The Maid of Ballingarry


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