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With Special Guests:

Jacinta McEvoy: Concertina

Conor McEvoy: Fiddle

Catherine McEvoy: Flute

Paddy McEvoy: Piano

Gay McKeown: Uilleann Pipes

Paudie O'Connor: Accordion

John Wynne: Flute

John Blake: Guitars

Mick Conneely: Bouzouki

John McEvoy is one of Ireland's finest traditional fiddle players. His unique personal style and deep understanding of traditional music has been developed through his association and playing with some of the 'greats' of traditional music. John has a number of albums to his credit, most notably the critically acclaimed 'The Kilmore Fancy' with Catherine McEvoy) and 'Pride of the West' (with John Wynne). As well as being a composer and performer John is much in demand as a teacher. He has a long association with 'Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy' and has taught at various festivals in Ireland, the USA and Europe.


Munster Grass:

Wellington's Advance:

The Humours of Carrigaholt:

The Bunch of Green Rushes:

Track Listing

  1. Paddy the Piper/Master Henry's Reel/The Sporting Days of Easter
  2. The Squirrel's Nest/Mist on the Meadow
  3. Munster Grass/Lad O'Beirne's.
  4. Tatter Jack Walsh/Come Along With Me
  5. The Glentaun/The Templehill Reel/Captain Kelly
  6. Wellington's Advance/Off to the Races
  7. The Boyne Mist/The Cave of the Cats
  8. The Pilgramage Jig/An Buachaillin Ban
  9. The Sandlark/Free As A Bird
  10. The Humours of Carrigaholt/The Achonry Lasses/The Hairy Chested Frog
  11. The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Merry Sisters/The Whistler of Rosslea
  12. The Humours of Quilty/Irish Molly
  13. The Abbeyleix/The Laois County Reel
  14. Brendan McGlinchey's/Mrs Lawrie's Reel
  15. The Flat House/Maol Mountain/The Limestone Rock

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Press Reviews

Trad Connect

John McEvoy has called his new album "Traditional Irish Fiddle". It's a straightforward, no nonsense description that perfectly describes what is in store for you the listener. This is his third recording, with previous releases including critically acclaimed albums 'The Kilmore Fancy' with his sister Catherine McEvoy and 'Pride of the West' a collaboration with Roscommon's John Wynne who also appears here. This album is a clear representation of John's love for solo and duet playing and he keeps it simple throughout with pure traditional fiddling of the highest calibre. The album kicks off with a moderately paced set of reels called Paddy the Piper/Master Henry's Reel/The Sporting Days of Easter . With John Blake on guitar you immediately get a feel for his pure traditional style. Both the sound and the feel of the album takes you back to some of the great fiddle albums of the past. The music of Sligo and west Clare have had a major influence on his style of playing and there is little need for modern twists, turns or external influences. This is firmly in the pure traditional mould and is fantastic for that.

Accompaniment is again kept sparse on The Squirrel's Nest/Mist on the Meadow with piano by Paddy McEvoy. The third set includes duet fiddles with Conor McEvoy joining in on Munster Grass/Lad O' Beirne's . Throughout the album you have great arrangements and lots of variety with various musicians adding their support. Apart from John Blake and Paddy McEvoy you have Mick Conneely on bouzouki as well as Conor and Catherine McEvoy on fiddle and flute respectively. Gay McKeon on uilleann pipes, John Wynne on flute, Paudie O' Connor on box and Jacinta McEvoy on concertina. In fact it is precisely this variety that really engages you throughout. John's fiddle sits centre stage and with 15 tracks you really get your moneys worth. Traditional music is going through various phases of experimentation at the moment. It's being mixed with other genres and given a contemporary twist. However all invariably return back to the heart of the tradition and on this album you have just that. John McEvoy is a superb traditional fiddler and on this album he presents some great music with variety, good arrangements and some talented support players making up a really enjoyable recording. A supreme traditional musician delivering another great fiddle album. Tony Lawless

Price: £13.99

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