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John Carty & Brian Rooney

At Complete Ease



John Carty: Fiddle, Tenor Guitar

Brian Rooney: Fiddle

James Carty: Fiddle on tracks 11 & 14

Mickey Rooney: Fiddle on track 14

Arty McGlynn: Guitar

Brian McGrath: Piano, Tenor Guitar, Hammond Organ

Alec Finn: Bouzouki, Tenor Guitar, Guitar

Having played for years together John Carty and Brian Rooney have finally made a recording of their duet playing. Their individual creativity and spontaneous, subtle melodic variations are allowed to flourish within a shared musicality producing a partnership which is more than the sum of two fiddles. There are guest appearances on fiddle by John's son, James, and Brian's brother, Mickey. Accompaniment is provided by Alec Finn, Arty McGlynn and Brian McGrath.


Corry Hills:

Old John's:

Bonny Annie:

Track Listing

  1. Morris Scanlon's / The Wandering Minstrel / Up Leitrim (jigs)
  2. The Bunch of Green Rushes / The Stone in the Field / Corry Hills (reels)
  3. O'Dwyer's / Kilannon's / Killavil Fancy (hornpipe/reels)
  4. The Worn Torn Petticoat / Spike Island Lassies (slide/reel)
  5. Old John's / A Thousand Farewells (jigs)
  6. Collier's / Rakish Paddy / Pinch of Snuff (reels)
  7. Bonny Annie / The Clare Dragoons (polkas)
  8. My Own Western Home (waltz)
  9. Highest Hill in Sligo / Palmer's Gate (reels)
  10. Fig for a Kiss / Dooney Rock (slip jigs)
  11. Granuaile / Green Groves of Erin / The Mountain Top (barndance/reels)
  12. Old Arboe / The Battering Ram / The Drimacoo Reel (air/jig/reel)
  13. Humours of Ballinlass / O'Callaghan's (hornpipes)
  14. Ensemble Set (jig/barndance/reel/jig/reels

"l'd say it's the best part of 40 years ago since l first met John Carly. He had just started playing the banjo and although I was 11 years his senior, from that first meeting we became great friends. We would meet in sessions, which were plentiful back then in the early 1970s, so got used to each others styles and the styles of other musicians. John was instantly a better player than those his age and indeed those a lot older. Of course I also

heard him playing tin whistle and flute and in later years he made the magical move to the fiddle. l suppose the rest is history but I'm not finished yet. Although I was the older player l must say l was very much influenced by John's playing. After Carty started on the fiddle, which l say was about the late 70's, we often played in sessions and concerts so the idea regularly came up of plotting a few tunes down and now the fun starts.

What a wonderful time we had recording this album. For starters, it was a great pleasure for me to record beside my older brother Mickey as well as John's son James who is a remarkable talent and an inspiration for young. upcoming Irish traditional musicians.

Finally, it has been an honour and privilege for me to record with one of my oldest and greatest friends", John Carty.

"l would like to dedicate this album to my two dearest grandchildren, Ryan and Joseph Rooney, who live in Listowel, County Kerry". Brian Rooney

"For those who love Irish traditional music, this recording will prove an exciting, inspiring and historic recording of the utmost significance and quality"

Liam O'Connor

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