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With Arty McGlynn, Kevin Brehony & James Blennerhasset


The Maid in the Cherry Tree:


The Princess Royal:

Track Listing

  1. The Musical Priest/ Ril Gan Ainm/ Paddy Fahey's
  2. The Gallowglass/ Come In To the Town My Fair Lady/ The 9th of June
  3. Kitty Gone A Milking/ The Factory Turn/ The Smiling Lady
  4. The Old Grey Goose/ The Black Rose of Bearra
  5. Lough Gill/ The Locomotive/
  6. The Maid in the Cherry Tree/ The Scolding Wife
  7. Pat McKenna's/ The Second Victory
  8. The Cherry Blossom Waltz
  9. The Wheels of the World/ Rakish Paddy/ Miss McDonald's
  10. Knocknagow/ The Wheels of the World/ Seamus Connolly's Jig
  11. Ril Gan Ainm/ Berehaven/ John Brady's
  12. The Princess Royal/ Acres Gate
  13. The Nervous Man/ The Bubbling Wine/ The Crooked Road to Dublin

The Irish Democrat: "No frills, just plain musical genius. An absolute delight". David Granville

Voted 2nd best trad release of 2007 by top US music critic, Earle Hitchener, Wall Street Journal.

(2) "THE FACTORY TURN" by Damian O'Brien and Oliver Loughlin

"As uncommon as uilleann pipes-concertina duet albums are in Irish traditional music, fiddle-button accordion duet albums are very common. Seamus Connolly and Paddy O'Brien, Sean Maguire and Joe Burke, Kevin Burke and Jackie Daly: these combinations suggest the zenith of what bow and box together can produce. From Drumkeerin in North Leitrim, fiddler Damian O'Brien and button accordionist Oliver Loughlin have performed together since age 12, and their mutual comfort and tightness are amply displayed here. Of the 32 tunes on the CD, 28 are reels or jigs, played by the duo with beautifully balanced style, swing, and sizzle. Their ornamentation is imaginative without melodic drift, the transitions are smooth without being slick,

and the passion and joy in their joint performance match their control. "The Factory Turn" nipped at the heels of "Reed Only" for the top spot in this top 10 list"

Performing together since age 12, Drumkeerin's Damian O'Brien and Oliver Loughlin were encouraged by two masters, Damian's button accordion playing father, Michael and the late fiddler, Seamus Horan.

For the past 15 years they have been playing in Cryan's pub in Carrick on Shannon every week, and for the past 10 years they have been members of the Inisfree Ceili Band. This their first duet release has met with tremendous critical acclaim.

"In releasing this CD, they have announced themselves to the world of traditional music in an impressive fashion. Music like this is a testament to their love of and respect for the no-nonsense vibrant and stimulating tune playing", Gerry Quinn, The Examiner

"Fiddle and piano-box tunes from two young Leitrim musicians, and very good it is

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