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NOEL HILL / Concertina & TONY MacMAHON /Accordion

In the Irish tradition we have the musicians who speak for us, the dancers who fight the ground for us and the people who provide the energy and will-power and heart. A case of 'all together now' and this record certainly speaks for me and many more every time it is played. Noel and Tony need no lesser mortal's praise for their ability and Tadhg Ó Ceilleachair and Gerry MacBride are truly faithful in their sensitive use of recording technology to produce so authentically the sound and spirit of the music.

Peadar Ó Riada


The Humours of Castlefin:

The New Custom House:

The Old Concertina Reel:

The New Mown Meadow:

Track Listing

  1. Reels: The HUMOURS of CASTLEFIN (2.29)
  2. Reels: The ASH PLANT (3.21)
  3. Slow Air: PORT na bPUCAl (6.16)
  4. Jigs: YOUNG TOM ENNIS (3.20)
  5. Reels: The PURE DROP (3.44)
  6. Reels: The NEW CUSTOM HOUSE (3.19)
  7. Jig: The Gold Ring (3.38)
  8. Jig: COOLEY'S JIG (3.22)
  9. Reels: The OLD CONCERTINA REEL (2.16)
  10. Set Dance: The ACE and DEUCE of PIPING (3.29)
  11. Reels: The GREEN GROVES of ERIN (2.29)
  12. Hornpipe: PAUL HALFPENNY (2.39)
  13. Reels: The NEW MOWN MEADOW (4.22)
  14. Jigs: The TRIP to ATHLONE (3.15)
  15. Slow Air: AISLING GHEAL (4.41)

On Friday night, October 18th, 1985, Noel Hill and Tony MacMahon got together with a group of Clare dancers to make this recording in Dan Connell's pub in Knocknagree on the Cork and Kerry border. Dan Council's roaring fire and Johnny Leary's warm welcome fending off the October chill - it was for all the world like the house dances of long ago: the music loud and exuberant, boots battering the timber floor and the great people of Knocknagree pressed tightly around, urging players and dancers to ever greater heights of wild and elegant sound.

"This is the closest any recording has ever come to capturing the life and spirit of an Irish ceili/session". Copperplate

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Press Reviews

SONGLINES July/ August 06

50 Rhythms of the World

30: REEL

The reel is reckoned to have reached Ireland towards the end of the 18th century. This rapid 4/4 dance form subsequently became the king of Ireland's traditional music which, apart from slow airs, consists almost entirely of dance tunes, all imported from other parts of Europe. The best example is to be found on this CD.

Noel Hill and Tony MacMahon:/ gCnoc na Grai (Gael Linn)

Though you'll rarely catch dancers at a pub session, there's nothing more evocative than this glorious set of tunes, consisting largely of reels, provided by the county Clare pairing of Hill and MacMahon, on concertina and accordion respectively. Its all recorded live in a famed music pub in County Cork and features the stamping and tapping feet of a quartet of dancers. Utterly invigorating! Geoff Wallis

Price: £13.99

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