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Daithi Sproule: Lost River Vol 1

Seamus McGuire, Peter Ostroushko, Tom Schaefer, Randal Bays, Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey, Danielle Enblom, Laura MacKenzie, John Wright, Den Macraw, James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien, Altan

"One of the gentle architects of today's Irish music sound. " - The Thistle and Shamrock

The heart of this album is a body of songs performed by Daithi Sproule on vocal and guitar drawn from traditional songs that he has sung and loved for decades.

The end result is also the product of collaboration and cooperation with many of his friends, recorded in places as far apart as Ramelton, Co. Donegal and Whidbey Island, off the west coast of America.

Daithi writes, "I hope you will love these songs as I do, drawn from the deep river of traditional song."


The Maid of Ballydoo:

Bold Doherty:

Track Listing

  1. Is fada liomuain i; with Seamus Maguire

  2. The Unquiet Grave; with Peter Ostroushko, Tom Shaefer

  3. Casadh an tSugain: with Randal B ayes, guitar

  4. The Maid of Ballydoo: with Liz Carrroll/Billy McComiskey/Danielle Enblom

  5. Eirigh suas. a stoirin, with Randal Bayes

  6. Bold Doherty, with Laura McKenzie

  7. On The Banks of a River, with Liz Carroll/Billy McComiskey

  8. The Dreary Parting, with John Wright

  9. The Colleen Roo, with Dean Magraw

  10. An Mhaighdean Mhara, with Seamus Maguire

  11. Andrew Barton, with James Kelly and Paddy O'Brien

  12. Lynchehaun, with Altan

About Daithi Sproule

Daithi Sproule of Derry, whose first group was the legendary Skara Brae, has lived for many years in Minnesota. He has performed and recorded with two highly influential traditional music trios: Bowhand (with James Kelly and Paddy O'Brien) and Trian (with Liz Carroll and Billy McComiskey), as well as providing accompaniment for recordings by Tommy Peoples, Seamus and Manus McGuire, Liz Carroll, Paddy O'Brien and others. In 1995 he released his first solo album, A Heart Made of Glass, with songs in English and Irish. In 2008 he released an instrumental guitar album, The Crow In the Sun, featuring thirteen original compositions. He is a 2009 Bush Artist Fellow, awarded by the Minnesota based Archibald Bush Foundation.

For more information about Daithi Sproule please visit www. daithisproule. com

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