Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington
The Merry Love To Play
CICD 167


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Track Listing

1. Reels: The Killavil Bucks / Fred Finn's 3.13
2. Jigs: The Idle Road / Molloy's Favourite 2,08
3. Reels: The Flowers of Red Hill / The New Steamboat 1.50
4. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen / The Bag of Spuds 3.28
5. Jigs: Dick Sullivan's Favourite /The Spotted Cow 3.12
6. Hornpipe: The High Level 2.08
7. Reels: The Swallow /The High Reel 2.39
8. Air: Her Mantle So Green 4.14
9. Reels: Sean Ryan's /The Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves 3.08
10. Jig: The Old Grey Goose 3.10

11. Polkas: Johnny Gorman's /The Primrose 4.17
12. Reels: Doctor Gilbert's /The Queen of May 2.45
13. Waltz: The Killavil Waltz 2.21
14. Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Derry 5.15
15. Air: The Coolin 2.49
16. ReeIs: Miss Monaghan's/The Duke of Leinster /The London Lasses 4.12

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We are delighted to announce the release of this fine album.

Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington
The Merry Love To Play
CICD 167

Second Album for duet of Peter Horan and Gerry Harrington

It's amazing how well these two blend, considering that they not only represent very different regional styles but different generations. It really doesn't get much better than this. Dirty Linen (review of Fortune Favours the Merry)

The Merry Love to Play is a new album of flute and fiddle music from Peter Horan and Gerry Harrington, released on the CIC label.

Peter Horan is a legendary flute player from Killavil, Co. Sligo and this is the second album that he has recorded with Gerry Harrington, a talented fiddler from Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Their first album, Fortune Favours the Merry, was released in 2005 to critical acclaim and The Merry Love to Play will do much to confirm their excellence as a duet. The new album is completely unaccompanied, a very rare occurrence in commercial music, allowing the listener to focus entirely on the two melody instruments and also maximizing the opportunity to hear Peter Horan's unique flute playing. The musicians' distinct styles complement each other superbly, with Gerry's delicate and airy playing providing the perfect counterbalance to Peter's rhythm-driven style. For Peter Horan to undertake an unaccompanied album at the age of 81 was no mean feat; however both musicians felt strongly that an unaccompanied recording was the best choice for the new album. They wanted to go back to the roots of the music, to a simpler sound that would showcase the instruments and best reflect the way that music has traditionally been played. The Merry Love to Play does just that, and provides listeners with a rare example of traditional Irish music in its purest state.

Gerry Harrington has provided meticulous notes in the booklet on the sources for the tunes. The Merry Love to Play will be launched on Monday 16 July in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo as part of a tribute concert to Peter Horan during the South Sligo Summer School.

Copperplate is very proud to have this title on our roster and to help it achieve its full potential will be supporting this release with a full-scale promotional mail out to media and retail.

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CICD158: Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington: Fortune Favours The Merry
CICD142: Gerry Harrington & Charlie Piggott: The New Road

Press Reviews

Irish Music Magazine
One of the great things about our music is that it's meant for sharing among friends. No finer example could be found than this collection. It's a follow-up to the first CD, Fortune favours the merry. It is also a powerful argument for having at least some tunes played unaccompanied, especially when the players have such good rhythm and understanding. And the solos are very fine. Listen to Peter Horan at the age of 81, giving a masterly account of the "High Level" hornpipe, not an easy tune at any age. And he also has a lovely waltz, the "Killavil Waltz", that came from his own mother.
There's sometimes a complaint that traditional players don't achieve great tone. Gerry's playing on the slow air "Her Mantle So Green" will easily give the lie to that. Full praise to CIC for the detailed bi-lingual notes, including background on each tune. Listen to the instinctively good playing on an old war-horse like "The old grey goose". Gerry shows his Kerry roots with a couple of fine polkas, including the showpiece "Primrose", once made famous by Jimmy Shand.
Above all, this is happy and contented music, no shapes to throw, nothing to prove, except that when you love the music as much as this, the sharing is wonderful. John Brophy
For the pure trad lover comes a "must have". "The Merry Love To Play". Out of the West comes 81 year old Peter Horan on wooden flute (of course!) and Gerry Harrington on fiddle. This is a follow up to their highly regarded and loved, "Fortune Favours The Merry" of a few years ago. This is unaccompanied. A daunting challenge today, both in artistic and commercial areas. This takes musicians of quality and real substance. This is not easy to pull off. These two do it gloriously. Again, this is for the real, true, down to the bone trad fanatic. Others of a more commercial bent may want to stay away. But, if the real deal is your deal, this is for you. This is brilliant. Horan's solo version of "The Coolin" is worth the price of admission, alone! Rating: Highly Recommended For The True Trad Purist
! Bill Margeson