Copperplate Consultants PR Agency

Our PR agency offers a targeted service to Irish traditional musicians, bands and labels. Since opening for business in May 99, we have provided comprehensive press and promotion for Viva Voce, Clo iar Chonnachta and Shanachie recording labels – all with great success.
We can tailor our promotions to the Irish Folk/press/radio/community to fit your budget. Call us for a chat – let’s see if we can help each other.

Some general hints to help you around the site

* If you wish to buy any of our titles, just click on the revolving CD which will connect you to our ordering page.

* Please add your name to our guest book and we will email you when we have new releases to promote.

* If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email address.

You can help us too!

To get this project off the ground we need all the help we can get! Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated – especially newsgroups or other methods of publicising our service. We would appreciate hearing from you with any helpful advice or brickbats.
We thank you, on behalf of lovers of the tradition, in advance.

Please feel free to send us feedback – whether plaudits or brickbats! In particular any ideas or advice you may have to offer on getting the word out about this site (e.g. via newsgroups, links etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

With Thanks.
So here we are, I would like to thank two fellow musicians for their invaluable help with the realizing of this website, namely Andrew Pickering for his design and initial concept and Ed Barrett for his tireless generosity and expertise in the final realization of this site. Created by musicians for musicians. The site was later revamped by Paul Wood.

Copperplate Mail Order

The aim of our company is to provide a professional distribution service specialising in Irish Trad music to the retail sector. Most retail outlets (despite our best efforts) seem reluctant to stock our music, so Copperplate has concentrated its efforts on the mail order side and has set up this web site to ensure the music is available to those who are interested.